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19 Nov

Caralyn has an ongoing dilemma about covering her neked toes on her leg with the cast on it. In order to ease the pain/swelling she often elevates her leg up on to a chair… this also means that whoever’s sitting with her gets the privilege to sit next to a foot. Now, here’s the dilemma. Which is more appropriate? Leaving her toes out or covering it with a sock? She seems to think it looks mighty ghetto with a sock and it’s not quite the same as leaving your toes out in sandals, because they tend to stare her mates in the face. Seeing that I am a genius expert in fashion (not), especially when it comes to socks (haha…I am. Seriously), I advised her it’s not as sketchy if she covers her toes with socks that aren’t pilling and balling as much. Cq: “Which one of my socks are the ballingest?!?!!?”. We had a good laugh. That’s when these “ellestrations” came to be! Cq, I say we stick to making a Papier Mâché toe cap! Oh!!! And insulate it so your toes stay cozy! Craft time : )

ImageImageGuess it’s the stripey guys. Stripes always win. Why did I even bother to ask?