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Cottage-ing Gone Wrong

28 Nov

Hi blog.  This whole ‘carellyn’ thing was initially going to be a blog (ugh what a word) in the truest sense of the word – ie. Web Log of our lives.  As 2013 is coming to a close – a turning point that really can’t come quickly enough – I thought I would document some of my trials and tribulations of this past year.

But before I unleash a torrent* of sarcasm & negativity, and to be in the spirit of American Thanksgiving, I want to make clear that I *AM* incredibly grateful for many things – my loved ones and their general health, living in a place where I am safe and afforded some pretty cool human rights, that I am employed in a really inspiring way and with amazing mentors, and that my cat isn’t an asshole. I’m grateful for other stuff too but those are first to come to mind.

Something else for which I’m grateful: having access to a cool family cottage!  I went with a bunch of friends over Labor Day weekend.  I had *just* been cleared by my physiotherapist to play hockey again after a knee surgery.  Something to celebrate!

the backyard

the backyard: lake huron

The cottage is decorated really adorably with lots of cool shabby chic pieces and a lighthouse MOTIF.  Motif is capitalized because well if you saw the place you’d understand.  We had a really fun first two nights playing with my traveling photo booth (ie. Polaroid camera and costumes/props) and bananagrams.  I have to give credit where credit is due and say the winners of Banagrams are Becky and Jordan.  #iheartBJ.  (Wedding livetweet hashtag?  I think so.)

beat that- no pun intended

beat that- no pun intended

Compared to last year’s trip – which while I really did enjoy everyone’s company some really devastating relationship events had occurred prior that made it less of a peaceful retreat into nature punctuated by casual alcohol abuse and more of a running for our lives away from severe trauma into a rainy weekend of isolation – this weekend was going swimmingly.  Oh but wait.  

Trauma + Swimming. Cue Jaws Theme.

I’m being over dramatic, no one got killed by a shark.  But I did personally experience some water-borne trauma.  Which I can’t even get to right now because fortunately I do have a day job that is demanding some attention.  The wordpress daily prompt about fear inspired this post but I didn’t quite get to that part.  And honestly I just really wanted an excuse to post that Bananagrams picture.  To be continued.

*Edit: Turned out to be less like a ‘torrent’ and more like mild drip from a leaky tap because I didn’t get to the really good in how awful it was part of the story …. 


Double Trouble

11 Nov

Maybe about two years ago Carellyn (ie. cq& Elle) & Jinje became obsessed (mostly just cq) with finding THE BEST Trini Double in the city.  What is a double you ask?  Ohhhh, just scrumptiously stewed curried chickpeas punctuated by tamarind and hot sauce, sandwiched between two fried naan-like turmeric spiced breads.  Also they are generally less than $2, so they are cheap enough for my broke ass, and also easy to consider a snack and eat between meals … 😉


extra tamarind pleeease [via newyorkseriouseats]

One evening ‘Team Doubles‘ (ie. the 3 aforementioned individuals) decided we would venture into Parkdale to check out the last downtown double spot we’d yet to hit, Ali’s Roti Shop.  Our intention was to have this for dinner.  One thing led to another and before we knew it, it was close to 10:30pm and to say Team Doubles was working a strong whiskey buzz would be an understatement. This was a problem, as Ali’s closes at 10:30pm.  Being the type of person who once I get something in my mind I get like a bit hell-bent on accomplishing or attaining that thing at all costs, I called Ali’s to check if they were actually closing at 10:30, and to my delight, I discovered they were staying open a bit later.

NOT to be confused with Ali Baba's, punks

NOT to be confused with Ali Baba’s, punks

But with Ali’s being a good 20-30 minute bike ride from my place of residence this meant that I had to get a little hardcore on Team Doubles, and force them to follow me on a drunken cycling tear through the streets of Toronto.  It’s important to note that neither of my two comprades are confident urban cyclists at the most sober of times, and that I am the only one who even owns a bike.  Luckily I have extras!


                                                         trini doubles express!

Our Trini Doubles Express ride to Ali’s was ALMOST successful.  We made it to within blocks of our destination without incident.  And then… Ellen decided her shoe was cumbersome.  And decided that the obvious solution was to kick it off, onto the sidewalk.  It took her about 50metres to realize that this was not a logical end.  She started yelling at me to stop, which I did, and looked back.  First I realized Jinje was nowhere in sight.  Second I realized Ellen is missing a shoe and is trying to stop.  Then because she was back then a pretty incompetent cyclist (sorry – you’re way better now!!), Ellen started to topple over a bit. Naturally this makes me laugh, and so I started to fall over myself.

Bike Safety... for future reference

Bike Safety… for future reference

Two hipsters ride by us and yell at us to RIDE SAFE!!! I can’t disagree.  The pack of hobos in the parking lot across the street seemed to find the situation more amusing than the hipsters.  One of them yelled something mostly incoherent but we could make out the word ‘CINDERELLAAAAA’ which I have to concede is a pretty hilarious thing to shout at that moment, especially if you’re a hobo.



In my fit of laughter at watching Ellen fall that caused me to fall as well (I wish I could say that’s the only time that ever happened…), I cut my leg and keep a scar to remind me of that shining moment.  I wonder if the hipsters and hobos hold that memory so dear. Ultimately, Ellen and I got back on our bikes, Jinje rolled up a few minutes later, and we continued along to arrive at our destination juuuust in time to scoop up the last few doubles and enjoyed them on the stoop.  And of course the doubles we SO worth it. In case anyone cares I’d say these are the second best doubles in the downtown area, behind the incomparable doubles of Carribean Roti Palace.  Roti – now that is an entirely different conversation.  Anyone up for a bike ride?

mission accomplished

mission accomplished

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul

The Heckling Section

7 Nov


This photo suspends a moment in time:

After we had embarked on our first backpacking trip // before we were unceremoniously kicked out of Scotland

After we were accused of stealing a remote control // before we knew the allegation was serious

After we thought we had a cheering section // before we realized it was just one crusty heckler

Before we knew what was coming*


*Full stories perhaps some other time // response to the daily prompt

In A Sea Black With Ink

6 Nov

My Journals //  Searching for Endings

a sea black with ink

a sea black with ink

I searched for some of my old journals today.  My broken leg is telling me to dig up old pieces of writing, while also serving as a(n apparently needed) barrier to my thrill-seeking inclinations.  The stack pictured is what I’ve gone through in about 4 years.

The pages are filled with half finished stories, scattered lines of poetry, random snippets of anecdotes… and some very strange, un-beautiful sketches.  I think it’s high time to finish at least one story or poem/ by the end of the month.  This is a fairly considerable commitment, given that I have yet to do this over the past 4 years.

Some other searches, some past, some present, some not mine:


Searching for Synchrony //  Wilco – Sunken Treasure  



Searching for the Perfect Blue // Essie – Bouncer, it’s me 

cobalt ya face

co-balt ya face


Searching for Thrills // Crookers ’08

kickin for kicks

“kickin for kicks!”


daily prompt – google and rescue: what was the last thing you searched for?

….this would be lying if I left out cat videos