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Memoirs of a Broken Leg

9 Dec
all gold everything

all gold everything

I’m getting my cast off TOMORROW!!!! Here are some reflections on my trials and tribulations.

The Story: I broke my leg on October 25 during a hockey game.  Spiral Fracture of the Fibula.  Although I very clearly heard/felt a snap and can say with certainty that no leg should bend the way mine bent I was also in denial about the situation and almost didn’t go to the hospital.  It was also a Friday night and living in an urban centre I reallllly didn’t want to go to an ER for fear that it would be full of drunk shitshows.  I was correct in having that fear.  Hammered Bros were in abundance.

After 4 frustrating hours (I frequently reminded myself that at least I don’t have to pay for this, even though I do have benefits but if I didn’t ….) I was pretty unkind to the ER Doctor who told me it was broken, and in my pain & exhaustion-induced delirium sort of considered launching a formal complaint against her.  I think that maybe shooting the messenger is in some cases actually very satisfying?  Obviously there was no follow up around that.

What I’m looking forward to:

  • Not wearing leggings every single day… omg. Pantssssssssss! I never knew the prospect of PANTS could be so exciting
  • Wearing shoes on both feet because I am disproportionately damaging all my left boots hopping around in this hateful slush and salt
  • No longer struggling with the daily angst that comes with feeling that my toe sock is totes hobo looking
  • Not having to put a bag on my leg in the shower and also no longer feeling like every shower is a real risk of slipping and seriously compromising what cranial integrity still exists in this highly abused noggin
  • Not having to explain to everyone I see/meet how I broke my leg and then having them tell me “at least it’s a cool story!” …it’s not.
  • Being able to drink obscene amounts of coffee once again without fear of judgment (I have severely decreased my intake because I have to ask people to get it for me and at a point it gets embarrassing, like that I need to drink coffee beyond the XL I get each morning [which is on top of the one I drink at home before I leave which no one even knows about], especially at work where everyone else drinks tea and actually, seriously, some people drink chamomile all day…)
  • Oh uh this goes without saying and there’s no punchline but FUCKING WALKING
  • Also, playing sports and riding my bike! ughhhhhh fantasies

In conclusion having a broken leg is balls and I can’t wait to get this lumbering hunk of crap off my leg.  I’ve been a bit anxious and distracted all day just thinking about it.  I’m going to post a song, which I’m not sure has anything to do with my leg except that I find it immensely calming and cool to listen to when taking painkillers – it’s like drifting off into a whole other realm of bliss,

This tune of mind-bending beauty will send me off into a deep and healing sleep soon and then it’s just hours til the cast gets sawed off.  WATCH YO-SELF RIGHT FOOT SHOES, HERE I COME!


In A Sea Black With Ink

6 Nov

My Journals //  Searching for Endings

a sea black with ink

a sea black with ink

I searched for some of my old journals today.  My broken leg is telling me to dig up old pieces of writing, while also serving as a(n apparently needed) barrier to my thrill-seeking inclinations.  The stack pictured is what I’ve gone through in about 4 years.

The pages are filled with half finished stories, scattered lines of poetry, random snippets of anecdotes… and some very strange, un-beautiful sketches.  I think it’s high time to finish at least one story or poem/ by the end of the month.  This is a fairly considerable commitment, given that I have yet to do this over the past 4 years.

Some other searches, some past, some present, some not mine:


Searching for Synchrony //  Wilco – Sunken Treasure  



Searching for the Perfect Blue // Essie – Bouncer, it’s me 

cobalt ya face

co-balt ya face


Searching for Thrills // Crookers ’08

kickin for kicks

“kickin for kicks!”


daily prompt – google and rescue: what was the last thing you searched for?

….this would be lying if I left out cat videos

Hazy Cosmic Jive

30 Oct

It seems that when we created this blog we forgot about one crucial element – “blog posts.”  So here we go.  This post is dedicated to Sagal.  Happy Birthday!  To begin, a thematically relevant tune for your enjoyment:

A couple of weeks ago it was our lovely friend Sagal’s birthday, and she loves the book and movie A Clockwork Orange.  I think this particular devotchka knows a thing about the old ultraviolence herself, eh Sagal?  We wanted to have a real horrorshow (ha. ok I’ll stop) time, so naturally we made her a clockwork themed cake to get the night started off in style:

What's it gonna be then, eh?

What’s it gonna be then, eh?

ellen's card

ellen’s card

It was received incredibly well and we all proceeded to indeed have a horrorshow night.  Some of us had sooo much fun that we used up our fun quotas for the next several days.  I’ll leave that one open to interpretation.  Oh, and Ellen also made this amazing card for her… who else agrees that Ellen could sell those shits?

Anyway, so the music. As many of us know, classical music is pretty crucial piece of the Clockwork story and particularly predominant in the movie.  I used to listen to a few of the songs from the soundtrack on repeat when I was in university and had a paper due on a tight timeline. ie. every paper I ever wrote.  It would get me all pumped up in this super weird and uncomfortable adrenaline high/anxiety-bordering-psychosis type of way.  I’m not kidding, as anyone who was there for my ‘floating head in the field’ moment can attest.  I don’t listen to that soundtrack a whole lot anymore because it takes me right back to those unsavory days living in the depths of the science library … 3am… over midterms/finals weeks… I once had to write two 25 page papers and one 10 page paper in 3 days *shudder*

Right.  So rather than the actual music from the book/movie – why not go meta – and throw in some music influenced by the film: Bowie, Ziggy Stardust era.  The one song from the Ziggy album that reeally jumps out as clockwork inspired is Sufragette City, but I kinda think Starman is a way better song, and this is my blog so whhhhhateverrr.  In the infamous performance above, Bowie’s quilted jumpsuit was inspired by Alex et. al.’s outfits in the Kubrick film.  This I learned from a visit to the AGO’s David Bowie Is… exhibit.  Rad stuff.

To bring it back to our dear Sagal I’ll sign off with another Bowie song that reminds me of her in the BEST (read: sarcasm) kind of way.  Breaking Glass, from the album Low – my personal fave Bowie album.  I won’t elaborate on the song choice, though a few of you out there will know exactly what I’m talking about.  Love you Wildcard!