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14 Feb

So Carellyn has no sisters by birth… we got bros. Bro.

But for all intensive purposes we are blessed to have FOUR sisters! They ie. the 4 Jinjes are all real sisters so we just slip into that pack discreetly. They don’t have anyone born in ’85 anyway so I guess we can’t be completely ruled out as the real deal… though the asian/white/black differentials do speak strongly in protest. IN ANY CASE! From here on out the sisterhood shall be referred to as Carellynje.


jinjes everywhere i go

One of Carellynje is getting married tomorrow! Tomorrow!!!! So today the gang went for some minor pampering in the form of manicures.

Ellen and I did some gluten-free baking last night so we could bring some goodies to the session. We baked Apple Muffins using Rice Flour and gluten-free brownies from a recipe on the internet that never actually set even though we cooked them for a good 15 minutes over time. The moral of the story is that nothing that makes your body function properly is easy to make or tastes good.

After the pamper sesh we set out to find elements of our wedding outfits, because it was only the day before. On the way we saw these two shops which really affirmed that our quest was true.

c squared elle hardware

c squared and elle hard on the grind

I was in need of a dress and basically everything and Ellen was in need of shoes. Window shopping on Queen St. was fairly unsuccessful until we fought our intense hunger which was borderline hanger and trekked on to French Connection, an establishment which neither of us have ventured toward since high school. Which is an embarrassingly long time ago. Speaking further to the importance of this quest, I found the following item…

neigh neigh (look closely)

neigh neigh (look closely)

LOOK CLOSELY. and welcome to the year, of the horse, bitch.

prints of dreams

prints of dreams

I have been waiting for this year for a while now and my impatience has been clearly manifest (Ellen’s too). Destiny is upon us!


Double Trouble

11 Nov

Maybe about two years ago Carellyn (ie. cq& Elle) & Jinje became obsessed (mostly just cq) with finding THE BEST Trini Double in the city.  What is a double you ask?  Ohhhh, just scrumptiously stewed curried chickpeas punctuated by tamarind and hot sauce, sandwiched between two fried naan-like turmeric spiced breads.  Also they are generally less than $2, so they are cheap enough for my broke ass, and also easy to consider a snack and eat between meals … 😉


extra tamarind pleeease [via newyorkseriouseats]

One evening ‘Team Doubles‘ (ie. the 3 aforementioned individuals) decided we would venture into Parkdale to check out the last downtown double spot we’d yet to hit, Ali’s Roti Shop.  Our intention was to have this for dinner.  One thing led to another and before we knew it, it was close to 10:30pm and to say Team Doubles was working a strong whiskey buzz would be an understatement. This was a problem, as Ali’s closes at 10:30pm.  Being the type of person who once I get something in my mind I get like a bit hell-bent on accomplishing or attaining that thing at all costs, I called Ali’s to check if they were actually closing at 10:30, and to my delight, I discovered they were staying open a bit later.

NOT to be confused with Ali Baba's, punks

NOT to be confused with Ali Baba’s, punks

But with Ali’s being a good 20-30 minute bike ride from my place of residence this meant that I had to get a little hardcore on Team Doubles, and force them to follow me on a drunken cycling tear through the streets of Toronto.  It’s important to note that neither of my two comprades are confident urban cyclists at the most sober of times, and that I am the only one who even owns a bike.  Luckily I have extras!


                                                         trini doubles express!

Our Trini Doubles Express ride to Ali’s was ALMOST successful.  We made it to within blocks of our destination without incident.  And then… Ellen decided her shoe was cumbersome.  And decided that the obvious solution was to kick it off, onto the sidewalk.  It took her about 50metres to realize that this was not a logical end.  She started yelling at me to stop, which I did, and looked back.  First I realized Jinje was nowhere in sight.  Second I realized Ellen is missing a shoe and is trying to stop.  Then because she was back then a pretty incompetent cyclist (sorry – you’re way better now!!), Ellen started to topple over a bit. Naturally this makes me laugh, and so I started to fall over myself.

Bike Safety... for future reference

Bike Safety… for future reference

Two hipsters ride by us and yell at us to RIDE SAFE!!! I can’t disagree.  The pack of hobos in the parking lot across the street seemed to find the situation more amusing than the hipsters.  One of them yelled something mostly incoherent but we could make out the word ‘CINDERELLAAAAA’ which I have to concede is a pretty hilarious thing to shout at that moment, especially if you’re a hobo.



In my fit of laughter at watching Ellen fall that caused me to fall as well (I wish I could say that’s the only time that ever happened…), I cut my leg and keep a scar to remind me of that shining moment.  I wonder if the hipsters and hobos hold that memory so dear. Ultimately, Ellen and I got back on our bikes, Jinje rolled up a few minutes later, and we continued along to arrive at our destination juuuust in time to scoop up the last few doubles and enjoyed them on the stoop.  And of course the doubles we SO worth it. In case anyone cares I’d say these are the second best doubles in the downtown area, behind the incomparable doubles of Carribean Roti Palace.  Roti – now that is an entirely different conversation.  Anyone up for a bike ride?

mission accomplished

mission accomplished

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul

Hazy Cosmic Jive

30 Oct

It seems that when we created this blog we forgot about one crucial element – “blog posts.”  So here we go.  This post is dedicated to Sagal.  Happy Birthday!  To begin, a thematically relevant tune for your enjoyment:

A couple of weeks ago it was our lovely friend Sagal’s birthday, and she loves the book and movie A Clockwork Orange.  I think this particular devotchka knows a thing about the old ultraviolence herself, eh Sagal?  We wanted to have a real horrorshow (ha. ok I’ll stop) time, so naturally we made her a clockwork themed cake to get the night started off in style:

What's it gonna be then, eh?

What’s it gonna be then, eh?

ellen's card

ellen’s card

It was received incredibly well and we all proceeded to indeed have a horrorshow night.  Some of us had sooo much fun that we used up our fun quotas for the next several days.  I’ll leave that one open to interpretation.  Oh, and Ellen also made this amazing card for her… who else agrees that Ellen could sell those shits?

Anyway, so the music. As many of us know, classical music is pretty crucial piece of the Clockwork story and particularly predominant in the movie.  I used to listen to a few of the songs from the soundtrack on repeat when I was in university and had a paper due on a tight timeline. ie. every paper I ever wrote.  It would get me all pumped up in this super weird and uncomfortable adrenaline high/anxiety-bordering-psychosis type of way.  I’m not kidding, as anyone who was there for my ‘floating head in the field’ moment can attest.  I don’t listen to that soundtrack a whole lot anymore because it takes me right back to those unsavory days living in the depths of the science library … 3am… over midterms/finals weeks… I once had to write two 25 page papers and one 10 page paper in 3 days *shudder*

Right.  So rather than the actual music from the book/movie – why not go meta – and throw in some music influenced by the film: Bowie, Ziggy Stardust era.  The one song from the Ziggy album that reeally jumps out as clockwork inspired is Sufragette City, but I kinda think Starman is a way better song, and this is my blog so whhhhhateverrr.  In the infamous performance above, Bowie’s quilted jumpsuit was inspired by Alex et. al.’s outfits in the Kubrick film.  This I learned from a visit to the AGO’s David Bowie Is… exhibit.  Rad stuff.

To bring it back to our dear Sagal I’ll sign off with another Bowie song that reminds me of her in the BEST (read: sarcasm) kind of way.  Breaking Glass, from the album Low – my personal fave Bowie album.  I won’t elaborate on the song choice, though a few of you out there will know exactly what I’m talking about.  Love you Wildcard!