Cottage-ing Gone Wrong

28 Nov

Hi blog.  This whole ‘carellyn’ thing was initially going to be a blog (ugh what a word) in the truest sense of the word – ie. Web Log of our lives.  As 2013 is coming to a close – a turning point that really can’t come quickly enough – I thought I would document some of my trials and tribulations of this past year.

But before I unleash a torrent* of sarcasm & negativity, and to be in the spirit of American Thanksgiving, I want to make clear that I *AM* incredibly grateful for many things – my loved ones and their general health, living in a place where I am safe and afforded some pretty cool human rights, that I am employed in a really inspiring way and with amazing mentors, and that my cat isn’t an asshole. I’m grateful for other stuff too but those are first to come to mind.

Something else for which I’m grateful: having access to a cool family cottage!  I went with a bunch of friends over Labor Day weekend.  I had *just* been cleared by my physiotherapist to play hockey again after a knee surgery.  Something to celebrate!

the backyard

the backyard: lake huron

The cottage is decorated really adorably with lots of cool shabby chic pieces and a lighthouse MOTIF.  Motif is capitalized because well if you saw the place you’d understand.  We had a really fun first two nights playing with my traveling photo booth (ie. Polaroid camera and costumes/props) and bananagrams.  I have to give credit where credit is due and say the winners of Banagrams are Becky and Jordan.  #iheartBJ.  (Wedding livetweet hashtag?  I think so.)

beat that- no pun intended

beat that- no pun intended

Compared to last year’s trip – which while I really did enjoy everyone’s company some really devastating relationship events had occurred prior that made it less of a peaceful retreat into nature punctuated by casual alcohol abuse and more of a running for our lives away from severe trauma into a rainy weekend of isolation – this weekend was going swimmingly.  Oh but wait.  

Trauma + Swimming. Cue Jaws Theme.

I’m being over dramatic, no one got killed by a shark.  But I did personally experience some water-borne trauma.  Which I can’t even get to right now because fortunately I do have a day job that is demanding some attention.  The wordpress daily prompt about fear inspired this post but I didn’t quite get to that part.  And honestly I just really wanted an excuse to post that Bananagrams picture.  To be continued.

*Edit: Turned out to be less like a ‘torrent’ and more like mild drip from a leaky tap because I didn’t get to the really good in how awful it was part of the story …. 


7 Responses to “Cottage-ing Gone Wrong”

  1. ThumbWind December 20, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    You can never, ever go wrong having a little cottage. As you grow older it can be your fortress of solitude and strength. Also many beautiful memories can be made. Shabby chic is also pretty cool.


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