Cast Your Cares on Me

2 Nov

Class got cancelled today, so I thought I’d use my day off wisely and go on a mission to find some clothes well suited for a foot cast for the bestie. Question. Why is it that when you’re looking for a decent dress everything is so long or slutty short? You know you’re getting old when knee high skirts and dresses are too short. I understand that it’s chillier out now but c’mon…no one looks good in a sweater, shin-length dress. MaybeAlexa Chung ’cause her gams have game but that’s it. PS. Her IT book is awesome sauce. Ok, FOCUS!

THE PLAN: I wasn’t overly successful at Old Navy, Gap and Forever(never)21 the other day. Everything I liked was over budget or one teenie tiny thing was wrong with it. I hate that. Today’s hopeful cheap (and I mean cheap) finds will consist of JoeFresh, H&M, Winners and Target. I’m rocking my leopard kicks and my new fave grey wool cap for shopping luck and comfort.

Things to keep in mind: Work attire, things to wear with leggings and tights, more colour, pref long sleeve dresses, tights on sale that could afford a clipping in one leg, no more stripes…unless…no. No more. Can we (speaking to cq seeing that we have zero audience) agree we need to take a break from stripes? Polka dots? Meh. Another obsession of mine is animal print. A girl can never have too many animal print… well, in absolutely everything. Meow!

THE RESULT: Found a handful of stuff on the sale racks; not one piece of clothing cost more than 20 bucks. I’m up for any cheap deal challenges if anyone dares to ask…Just thought I’d put it out there. My main motive was to try and find versatile pieces, so that Cq could wear more than once without her office folks judging her outfits. I came across some skirts, one wool with super cute zipper and leather detailing and two others with a generous amount of stretch yet still warm enough for winter. Who doesn’t want a over sized knitted sweater, right? Bought one of ‘em too. Grabbed a silky animal print dress that could be dressed up or down, a dolla fiddy belt at H&M and THE blue nail polish Cq’s been on a quest to find in years. I even managed to slip in a pair of sparkly silver ballet flats for yours truly. Seeing the compadre genuinely smiling at her new found goodies assured me I was quite successful!…until next time.

THE REWARD: Winded down with several glasses of red from Cq’s seemingly never ending stash which went hand in hand with Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Hot Rod (Holy Sh!t, it’s so effing hilarious). We cried a couple tears watching Master Chef Kids…Never have I ever seen such incredibly talented, unnecessarily stressed out kids and the cutest little human that looked like Al Pacino. Wow. Speaking of chefs, Andy made us pancakes and bacon for din din :). What can I say? Life is Good.


How’s that for a first blog post? Minimal sequence and flow with a touch of randomness haha! Whutevuuur..


3 Responses to “Cast Your Cares on Me”

  1. cq November 2, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Uhhhh haha uh oh. Don’t ask what I bought at H&M today on my pathetic trip to Duff. It definitely WASN’T a stripey skirt …. I would have bought the polkas but they didn’t have my size!!

  2. kristin sundet pavek November 8, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    Quan!!! K so I just clicked on the link on Elspeth’s FB post and was so thoroughly entertained by your writing/art/poetry that I thought I might laugh out loud at work. How do I subscribe to this? I first must figure out how social media works…but anyways wanted to let you know that you are AMAZING at writing and entertaining through your words. And also wanted you to know I put on the goalie pads for the first time in 8 years last week…yes I do remember how to properly position all of the leather straps but my legs did not remember how many squats a typical game would require. Great seeing you this summer and excited to read more of this blog thing

    • cq November 8, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

      Kristin! Happy you found your way here 🙂 As far as subscribing, I’m not too sure, ask Elspeth, I’m clearly no social media buff either. I’m not even sure this message will get to you? Thanks for the update on your squat situation, so if Neil contacts me looking for a goalie coach (we text all the time… NOT [obviously]) I guess you won’t be my first suggestion?

      I loved seeing you over the summer! Oh and nice new name 😉 Congrats on the marriage!!

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